Hi, I’m Sandra Heath

I’m a Hampshire based, mixed media artist, inspired by nature. Living near the coast, I am fortunate to be close to both coastal and woodland settings. I am especially drawn to birds, who I believe, symbolise tenacity and an awe-inspiring resilience that belies their sometimes fragile appearance.

I trained originally as a Graphic Designer, BA (Hons) Graphic Design, Norwich School of Art and worked for a number of years at a Publishers in marketing and book cover design before going freelance.

More recently, moving away from purely computer-based design, I had the privileged opportunity to teach art in a local school for children with special needs. This is where I rekindled a passion for creative exploration and began to nurture an appetite for growth, alongside the children I was teaching. That exploratory journey is where I am today.

Owning an original piece of my artwork, is a chance to connect to our beautiful natural world… a reminder that we all share a deep grounding connection with the world around us.

You’re most welcome to follow my journey…

Nature reminds us of the transience of our own lives.

Beth Kempton

My Process

My process incorporates layering; making intuitive lines, occasionally journaling thoughts or words that arise, adding contrasting patterns and textures, dripping, splattering and an energetic playfulness with acrylics, collage, inks and a whole host of other materials. 

The chaotic exploration combines beautifully with the clean precise cut of a stencil or a finely drawn botanical line drawing. There are no rules. Intuition guides me as I begin to express feelings awoken and resurfaced memories within the act of art making.

I’m inspired by the world around me

My connection to nature originates from wonderful childhood woodland walks; chancing upon treasures and delights, in layers of undergrowth, with unravelling ferns; seeking out those quiet, secret places and witnessing fleeting moments of nature at its most mysterious.

This passion for British flora and fauna is at the essence of my art. I take immense delight in the easily overlooked but extraordinary cast of characters that we only have to take a moment to notice, if we take the time to tune in with our senses. I am compelled to capture the rich and captivating natural resource of botanical inspiration, with it’s boundless intricate textures, shapes and forms. Nature is my Muse and companion.

If one truly loves nature one finds beauty everywhere.

Vincent Van Gogh

In my space… Where I Create

I create from a studio space within my Hampshire home. It’s my special place where I surround myself with things I love to feed my creative soul. Enveloped by inspiration from my favourite fellow creatives, I am most at ease with the treasured company of wonderful authors and artists. 

My creative space reflects me. To generate ideas, I need time and space. I have a lot of my artwork, both finished and unfinished pieces, surrounding me as well as my tools and inspiration to get my creative juices flowing. When I create art, it’s a time to detox from technology, a time to reflect on my ideas, with the view out the window for company.

The Studio is like a magnet. It draws me in, cleanses my mind, and uplifts my soul. When I retreat here, I put on some music or listen to a podcast and begin to work. The minutes and hours go by in a blur, as I get lost in my latest ideas, practise or explore techniques or simply enjoy following the mood and feelings of the day, seeing what emerges from this organic practise. Everything comes together in my studio, the special place where my ideas are nurtured; a catalyst for my creativity.

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